We are a licensed facility & accepting CCRC & DCFS for After School, Tutoring, Homework Help & Camps
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  • Minimum School days 4 yrs - 12 yrs
  • After School for TK - 13yrs

    *Choose as many days a week as you need.

    * We coordinate with the local schools to provide pick up after school.

    *Sick & Absent days No Charge.

    *One on One Homework Help.

    *KidzCity's Homework Help can be tailored for individual students needs.  

    *Homework supplies & computers provided.

    *KidzCity's goal is that your child/children will learn excellent homework habits and complete all  homework.

    *Supervised indoor/outdoor age appropriate activities when homework is completed. 

    *Open play, board games, arts & crafts, creative play and more. Every day will include a fun      new activity.

    *Cooked Meal every day.

    *1 staff per 4 children.

    *You can have peace of mind knowing that your child/ren are safe, in our nurturing and caring place that focuses on education and homework in a fun and positive way with our professional staff.

    *CCRC & DCFS Accepted

  • Tutoring all Grades
    *KidzCity's Tutoring Monday through Friday.

    *Supervised indoor/outdoor Tutoring for an hour or 30 minutes as many days a week as you need.

    *Drop off Tutoring or combine tutoring with KidzCity's After School Program.
    *Drop off Tutoring and stay to play for an hour or more.
    *We understand that no two students learn alike Tutoring.
    *We at KidzCity will customize our tutoring to your child's needs.
    *Some children may need 15 min break every 5 min others may need a break after each page, while other may not need a break until Tutoring is completed.
  • Advanced Homework Program to aid children who are having difficulty focusing, ADHD, Autism & other
    *KidzCity's works with your aides & the regional center
    *KidzCity's can structure a personal routine and an individual homework plan to suit your child to accomplish completing homework without frustration and tears.
    *There is always time to play atKidzCity's with supervised indoor/outdoor age appropriate activities, such as Open play, board games, arts & crafts, creative play and more.
    *KidzCity's Advance Homework Program is combined with our After School Program. Our new Advanced Homework Program is structured to aid children who are struggling, having behaviour issues and having difficulty focusing, whether they have been diagnosed with ADHD, Autism or not.
  • Minimum School days 4 yrs - 12 yrs *KidzCity's Minimum School Days are designed for parents who want a safe, caring, fun place for their children on Minimum School Days
HOURS for June, July & August
Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur & Fri: 8am-6pm

Holidays, & No school Days

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm
Extended hrs available
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