We are a licensed facility & accepting CCRC & DCFS for After School, Tutoring, Homework Help & Camps
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Welcome to KidzCity Inc.
  • Minimum School days 4 yrs - 12 yrs
  • After School for TK - 13yrs

    *Choose as many days a week as you need.

    * We coordinate with the local schools to provide pick up after school.

    *Sick & Absent days No Charge.

    *One on One Homework Help.

    *KidzCity's Homework Help can be tailored for individual students needs.  

    *Homework supplies & computers provided.

    *KidzCity's goal is that your child/children will learn excellent homework habits and complete all  homework.

    *Supervised indoor/outdoor age appropriate activities when homework is completed. 

    *Open play, board games, arts & crafts, creative play and more. Every day will include a fun      new activity.

    *Cooked Meal every day.

    *1 staff per 4 children.

    *You can have peace of mind knowing that your child/ren are safe, in our nurturing and caring place that focuses on education and homework in a fun and positive way with our professional staff.

    *CCRC & DCFS Accepted

  • Tutoring all Grades
    *KidzCity's Tutoring Monday through Friday.

    *Supervised indoor/outdoor Tutoring for an hour or 30 minutes as many days a week as you need.

    *Drop off Tutoring or combine tutoring with KidzCity's After School Program.
    *Drop off Tutoring and stay to play for an hour or more.
    *We understand that no two students learn alike Tutoring.
    *We at KidzCity will customize our tutoring to your child's needs.
    *Some children may need 15 min break every 5 min others may need a break after each page, while other may not need a break until Tutoring is completed.
  • Advanced Homework Program to aid children who are having difficulty focusing, ADHD, Autism & other

    KidzCity works with your aides & the regional center

  • Minimum School days 4 yrs - 12 yrs
    • KidzCity's Minimum School Days are designed for parents who want a safe, caring, fun place for their children on Minimum School Days.
    • KidzCity's goal is to provide a comfortable setting for students and teachers to teach and learn.
    • We coordinate with the local schools to provide pick up after school.
    • We work with modified schedule's from each school during the school year.
    • We will call you for the first week to let you know that your little ones have arrived safely at KidzCity.

    Please call for rates and availability.
    • Our drivers are finger printed and checked for security.
    • We also provide full day programs when school is out on teacher prep days and holidays.
School Hours

• Weekly Hours

• Monday - Friday

• 12noon to 6pm

• Extended hours Available After 6pm for additional rates

• No School Days Hours

• Monday - Friday

• 9am to 5pm

• Extended hours Available After 5pm for additional rates

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