We are a licensed facility & accepting CCRC for Camp, Tutoring, After School, Play programs, Educational programs and more
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Tutoring at KidzCity

Tutoring for All Grades, All Subjects

Elementary, Middle, High School and College Tutoring
Available 7 days a week
Monday to Friday 10 am to 8 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
subject of availability

Private Classes One-on-One
Starting from $30 per hour

KidzCity's private tutoring services provide students with personal attention.
Our goal is to provide a comfortable setting for students and teachers to teach and learn.
All our staff are chosen with care.
Our Teachers are credentialed professionals who take pride in their work who have dedication and experience working with students.
Our Tutors will have correspondence with you the parent ensuring that everyone is up to date.

KidzCity's Tutoring Services offers individual one on one classes for an hour. Some children may need 10-minute breaks to focus in the hour, or rewards and others may need to complete the hour without breaks. Every child is an individual and we work with every student and family individually.

KidzCity's Tutoring Services offer small group classes (no more than 5 students) for an hour. All students in a group classes will be at the same level and the same subject.

Tutoring Services, Open Play is available at KidzCity's Hourly Open Play Rate.